Patrick Snapp
i am a designer



Branding collateral



WORK - Creating new brand ID as well as collateral

On my first day we had a jpg for a brand guideline, on my last day we had a book. While working at Impinj i worked on numerous day to day creative tasks, one of my bigger assignments was to work on the re-branding/creation of Impinj documents as well as the website.

Tasks: total website overhaul, building out/creating assets that follow the new branding, power points, print demo graphics for conventions, Ebooks, Whitepaper, and anything else that needed a design touch. For the website, i was tasked with design and production work, using Neds wire frames -

Me - Conception, design, production

Ned Cannon - Creative Direction


Below are a few of the new assets i created, left > new, right > old. I think its important to see the difference.


The below are a few more afters.