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Realself Social Branding


Social creative evolution

CLIENT : Realself

WORK - evolving social creative


This is largely a new photography direction with light design options as well as using photography that involves couples. Photos are from

I am ok with how the ads are originally designed, we just wanted to add some extra flavor. I was not able to change the copy voice.

Realself came to us and asked how they could elevate their current social look and feel. So I spent some time on Realselfs site learning about the community reading peoples back stories and experiences both in life, during and after the procedure. After a few hours digging around it was clear that just about every users reason for undergoing treatment was based off of just wanting to be happy, confident and feel a way about themselves they have never felt. Every customer had a story, from the hat on 24/7 guy, the lady who never smiled in photos, the young man who always wore a t-shirt in the pool, to many many others that just want to feel happy and confident when looking into the mirror.

I also thought it was important to add couples photos since Realself has never done that before.

For the social creative i wanted it to work on three pillars. Candidness - photos look as if they are taking by a person with some photography skills. Elevated Facebook photos. Subtlety - The procedure/body part is NOT the main focus. The main focus is confidence and happiness. Story - NO models posing. Must be doing something or interacting. Real life situations. Genuine.

My Role - concept, design, editing, animation Lou Maxon - Creative Direction - Linkedin


This is the Before.


This is the after.



Below are Facebook canvas ads as well as Instagram story ads i created and animated.

Facebook canvas ads are a great well to tell a story or show a experience. They allow the customer to get a in-depth look at a product or a story. With Facebooks tools and a good designer you can make a pretty captivating story.



As noted above the most important part of this change was taking away the notion that people are their procedure. Taking away the objectification and replacing it something emotional and raw.

By removing the images focus while being subtle and real, is a fantastic way to connect with other’s who might be feeling the same way about a their specific body part in question. Subtlety, Candidness and Story.



This deck is what we originally presented to the client.