Patrick Snapp
i am a designer



CLIENT : Wahoo

WORK - social campaign & brand evolution

Roam product launch

& brand evolution


When first starting the brand / product creative push i got on a call with the client and shared a mood board i pulled together and discussed how the Wahoo brand needs to be pushed to the vibe and feel of Nike and Adidas but pulled back 60%. They have the audience, the price point and the high tech durable products that i believe fit well in this space, it felt like a natural progression. Evolution not revolution.

Wahoo became a staple client of mine while at Add3 i was lucky enough to have an amazing creative director who gave me the keys and let me run the show. When i first joined Add3 we just produced wash rinse repeat social creative. Now we are pushing the brand into a new exciting direction that needed to happen as well as being fully trusted by the client to take work away from larger agencies.

My role - concept, design, production


This is the before.


This is the after.

3 phnes up.jpg


Below is the pitch deck i shared with the client with a total of two directions. One closer to the brand home and another that pushes it further



Creating concepts finding a solution is quite messy and is one of my favorite parts of the process. For me its piecing together ideas that don’t solve the problem on their own but at times combined can give you a really interesting outcome.



Below are two options i created for wahoo to show a few days before release. Story2_1 was the chosen option (on the right). Its pretty subtle but the foreground background and sky are parallaxing as the image pans.